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Quality Assurance - Heat Treating and Zinc Electroplating

Morgan Ohare's success is directly related to our commitment to customer service and quality. In this regard, we have quality and environmental management systems in place and are ISO 9001:2008 registered and feature ISO 17025 accredited labs (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation).  In addition, to insure the highest quality zinc electroplating and heat treating, Morgan Ohare utilizes the following procedures & equipment:

Quality Electroplating and Heat Treating - Morgan Ohare Inc.Heat Treating - Quality Steps

  • All purchase orders are reviewed to insure proper processing.
  • All parts are weighted to verify complete production of customer's product.
  • All orders are automatically pre-washed to insure proper heat treat quality.
  • All orders are Quality Control Approved with operator sign-off before movement out of any department
  • Total Lot Integrity   
  • A2LA Accredited Certifications  

Heat Treat Test Equipment

  • 2 Micro Hardness Testers
  • 2 Rockwell Hardness Testers
  • Mount makers and Polishers

Heat Treat Test Procedures

  • Drive Tests
  • Ductility Tests
  • Micro Hardness Testing for all Case Hardening orders
  • Core Hardness for all orders
  • Decarburization Tests performed on each neutral hardened order

Plating Department - Quality Steps

  • All purchase orders are reviewed to insure proper processing
  • All parts are automatically pre-washed to insure proper plating quality
  • All orders are weighed to verify complete production of customer’s product
  • All orders are Quality Control Approved before movement out of the department

Plating Test Equipment

  • 3 X-Ray Fluorescent Plating Thickness Testers
  • Salt Spray Cabinet – operated per ASTM B117

Plating Test Procedures

  • Computer Control System used to monitor & control all parameters of plating components
  • A2LA Accredited lab Certifications
  • Process Control Operators on all shifts
  • Total Lot Integrity
  • Facsimile machines on our company owned semi-tractors so that your order is in the system before the order arrives at our dock – allows for immediate resolution of any issues
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