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Heat Treating 

Heat TreatingMorgan Ohare is proud to announce the installation of an additional continuous belt furnace system in 2016.  Our capacity is more than 70,000 pounds of quality heat-treating per day.


Morgan Ohare specializes in heat-treating of threaded fasteners and nuts from #2 to ½” diameters and lengths up to 6”. We offer both Carbonitriding (Case Hardening) and Neutral Hardening (Quench and Temper).

To ensure proper surface quaity and mechanical performance both systems include in-line pre-wash, automatic scale loading, automatic atmospere controls, oil quenching and in-line temper. Oil dip after heat-treating is available. 

All temperature monitoring and control instruments are calibrated quarterly by an accredited third party service. We have a degreed Metallurgical Engineer on staff and our test laboratory is A2LA accredited. Each order is tested to ensure that customer requirements are met.

For assistance with your next heat-treating project, give us a call at 630-543-6780 or fax at 630-543-6792 or use our online form.
CQI-9 available upon request. 


Heat Treatment for Metal PartsQuality Testing Capabilities include:


  • Surface Hardness and Depth
  • Core Hardness

Neutral Hardening

  • Decarburization
  • Carburization
  • Core Hardness
  • Surface Hardness

Quality Equipment

  • (2) Rockwell Hardness Testers
  • (2)  Micro-hardness Testers
  • Automatic Metallographic Preparation Equipment

Process Capabilities

  • GM6010M
  • GM6170M
  • GM6171M
  • GM275M
  • GM280M
  • GM290M
  • GM300M
  • GM500M
  • GMW25
  • SAE J933
  • SAE J1237
  • SAE J81
  • SAE J1237
  • SAE J1199
  • SAE J429
  • Ford ES-21001-S100
  • Delco Remy
  • Ford ES-M1A160-A
  • Ford ES-21001-S100
  • Ford WA 950
  • Volvo 7121.279
  • Volvo 7121, 27
  • ISO 898
  • ISO 2702
  • ISO 898-1


  • DIN 7500-1
  • CHRYSLER MS-3517
  • CHRYSLER MS-6149
  • ASTM A574
  • ASTM A574
  • ASTM F568
  • ASTM F835
  • TRW
  • PACCAR           

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