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  Zinc & Zinc/Nickel Alloy Barrel Electroplating (RoHS Compliant)

Barrel Zinc ElectroplatingMorgan Ohare specializes in barrel zinc and zinc nickel  electroplating for the fastener, zinc die-casting, stamping and spring manufacturing industries. Our zinc/nickel alloy process provides 240+ hours of white corrosion and 1,000+ hours to red rust protection in a clear or black finish. Zinc/nickel alloy plating offers this without recess fill or concerns about premature corrosion failure due to possible 'nicking' of the finish when parts are driven during application. 


Morgan Ohare is ISO 9001:2008 certified and features ISO17025 accredited test labs. In addition, Morgan Ohare can provide complete in-house testing and certifications.

Our 42”, 48” and 60” automated barrel zinc electroplating lines are capable of handling small to large production runs and parts from .060” diameter to 6” long. A computer program automatically monitors and controls chemical additions to assure quality and process repeatability throughout our 24 hour-a-day operation. Morgan Ohare can process small parts down to aught fasteners. 

For assistance with your next zinc electroplating project, give us a call at 630-543-6780 or fax at 630-543-6792. Click 'Request A Quote' in the left column or e-mail us at to request a quotation.

CQI-11 available upon request.

Barrel Zinc ElectroplatingZinc Electroplating Approvals / Licenses Include:

  • Delphi DX551200 approved 
  • Ford S-437 approved
  • GMW3044 “N”, “G” and “X” approved
  • Chrysler PS4220 (Hardened Steel Parts) approved
  • ZinKlad 96 and 250 applicator
  • JS500 applicator

Click here for a complete list of specification capabilities.

RoHS Compliant Plating (Hex-Free)

  • Black trivalent 
  • High Corrosion Clear 
  • Coefficient of friction lubricants, TNT-12, TNT-15, TNT-18, TNT-22
  • Wax with U/V Tracer
  • Yellow, Green, Blue and Red Dye (Zinc plating only)

Hexavalent Finishes include (Zinc Elctro Plating only):

  • Black chromate – both decorative and high corrosion (96 to white available)
  • Yellow dichromate
  • Olive drab
  • Red, green and blue dyes
  • Wax with U/V Tracer

Barrel Zinc Electroplating ServicesHydrogen Embrittlement Relief

  • Two Continuous Bake Ovens

In-House Testing

  • Torque/Tension Testing 
  • X-Ray Plating Thickness Measurement 
  • Salt Spray Testing 

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